Hindu Association Of Georgia inc.


About Us: Established in 2004. We have been performing all pujas and other religious activities according the actual calendar of Sanatan culture. Our main goal is to maintain the actual time and date for all religious festivals and we have been successfully maintaining these among numerous adversaries. We are a non-profit religious organization Under Internal Revenue code 501(c )(3), primarily funded by member contributions and other donations. Not only do we do religious activities, we also organize social and cultural programs and support our community when needed. Building a temple/community center, based on our morals, is a large part of one of the many achievements we would like to reach.

Executive Committee:

General Secretary-

Sushital Deb


Asst. General Secretary-
Sajal Bhattacharjee
Ripon Das

Finance Secretary-
Ajit Das

Org. Secretary-
Liton P. Chowdhury


President :

Satyabrata Kar


Vice President(s) -
Upen Das
Jahar Roy
Ratan Kar


Asst. Org. Secretary- 
Shikha Dhar


Cultural Secretary- 
Mitali Kar 


Asst. Cultural Secretary-
Purnima Dey 


Executive Members- 
Makhan Das
Shyamal Deb
Dipti Deb
Lovely Das
Rothis Deb 
Sushil Dhar 
Pritam Dhar